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Albums of the month: April ’13

May 29, 2013



The KnifeShaking the Habitual

The latest release from The Knife is still my favorite album of the year. Alien, tribal, political- these are just a few of words I use to describe this album. Other fans of their previous albums might seem lost in the epic 98 minute long album. I happen to love every single minute of Shaking the Habitual. Many topics are covered in lyrics throughout the album, such as: the monarchy, extreme wealth & social classes, the patriarchy, & environmental destruction by humans.

The album is 1/2 drone & 1/2 what I can only best describe as “tribal alien dance music.” It’s not going to be for everyone. The album is well executed in alternating a drone track right after a “dancey” one. There are even some very experimental & unique sounds you will hear on the album. For example, in the 3rd track, “A Cherry on Top,” they used a homemade instrument made out of a bed spring & a microphone. If I haven’t lost you yet in my bizarre rambling so far,  check out the track below.


haxan cloak

Haxan Cloak Excavation

If my previous choice wasn’t strange enough for you, this new Haxan Cloak just might be. Excavation is an electronic album that might make you feel uncomfortable. It has elements of drone as well.  Here is what Bobby Krlic (Haxan Cloak) had to say about his new album:

“The first record was about a person’s decline towards death, so this one’s about the journey he takes afterwards.”

“Death represents moving away from earth. When I think of sounds that represent the earth, I think about acoustic instruments and field recordings– so I went with the opposite of that.”

This album is an electronic album trying to take you on the journey of a person’s soul after death. If dark music isn’t your thing- I have posted the most beautiful & least dark song from the album below. Enjoy!



James BlakeOvergrown

To get away from drone for just a bit in my April picks, I’m proud to include James Blake’s 2nd LP. Blake once again pours out his soul while having some of the most uniquely crafted beats out of the UK. Most of you that follow electronic should already be familiar with his work. If you aren’t familiar, I suggest you spend the next few days working on doing just that.


Other releases of note from from April:

Charlie XCXTrue Romance

Colin StetsonNew History of Warfare Vol 3

BeaconThe Ways We Separate

Lord RAJARubies EP

Alessi’s Ark The Still Life

Big K.R.I.T.King Remembered in Time

Caveman – s/t

Kurt VileWakin on a Pretty Daze

Teen DazeThe House on the Mountain EP

Total Control7″s


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